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About Southern New Jersey Area 45

A.A. in New Jersey has 2 Areas: Area 44 and Area 45.  Area 45 represents parts of central and southern New Jersey.  We are part of Northeast Region of the U.S. which has 18 Areas in total.  The website contains information about Service with Alcoholics Anonymous and links to other areas which may be of help to those looking for more information about A.A..

Area 45 is comprised of a 2 year Panel, which changes on January 1st of every even year.  The Panel consists of a Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chair, Treasurer, Registrar and Secretary.  Additionally, there are standing Committees for Accessibility, Archives, Audio, Budget & Finance, Convention, Cooperation with Professional Community (CPC), DCM/GSR Orientation, Grapevine, Newsletter, Public Information, Virtual Tech, Website and Ad Hoc Committees as needed.

We have 3 Intergroups within our Area.  They are Cape Atlantic Intergroup, Central Jersey Intergroup and South Jersey Intergroup.  In our Area, the Intergroups are where you can find Hotlines, details for group meetings, local events, etc, as well as the Meeting Guide App.

The Intergroup links are included on this website.

There are a set of core events held which are quarterly Assemblies, Mini-Conference, Day of Sharing and a General Service Convention.  These, plus Workshops and other Section and/or District Events are posted on our Calendar.

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