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General Service Area 45 of Alcoholics Anonymous (aka "Area 45") is a geographic area that includes parts of Central Jersey and South Jersey. A.A. groups within Area 45 elect General Service Representatives (GSRs) to represent their group in the A.A. Service Structure. One responsibility of a GSR is to take part in back-and-forth communication and dialogue with the person from Area 45 (the "Delegate") that is elected (every 2 years) to represent Area 45 at the annual General Service Conference in New York City.

There are smaller geographic areas within Area 45 that possess their own organization structure, their own activities, and carry the message of A.A. on a more local level. For instance, Area 45 is divided into four "Sections" (1,2,3 and 4) and within these four sections there are smaller groupings called "Districts". Area 45 has an elected panel of six individuals as well as a group of appointed committee chairpersons. The work of A.A. is accomplished by many hands, working together.

Service Events

The Area 45 Handbook explains these key events held throughout the year. Consider attending these events to participate in our service work:

Area Assembly (Quarterly)
Area Committee Meeting (Quarterly)
General Service Convention (Annually)
Mini-Conference (Annually)
Day of Sharing

Area 45 Handbook







Accessibilities Survey

Are there barriers to accessing A.A. we can address....in our literature, our meetings?
How can we make A.A. easier for anyone with a disability? Please take this survey and help the Accessibility Committee hear your voice.






Local A.A. Meetings

The Intergroups are where you can find Hotlines, details for group meetings, local events, etc, as well as the Meeting Guide App. We have 3 Intergroups within Area 45.  Please visit their websites for local information.

Cape Atlantic Intergroup
(Atlantic and Cape May Counties)

Central Jersey Intergroup
(Mercer County)

South Jersey Intergroup
(Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties)

ON-LINE Intergroup of A.A.

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