Delegates Corner

Delegate's Corner

The delegate represents the Area at the annual General Service Conference in New York.

The Delegate is responsible for reporting back to the Area on the Conference and facilitates all communications between the General Service Office (N.Y.) and Area members.

Below are updates from our Area 45 Delegate.
February- 2024

Winter Assembly - Quick Links

Below you will find helpful information and a Survey for the membership.

Founder's Writing Survey
7 Question Survey regarding potential changes to our literature.
You can read the  Founder's Writing Amends Letter from the Trustee's Literature Committee in response to the feedback. Complete the Survey

General Service Conference
View the final list of agenda items for the upcoming General Service Conference Final Agenda Items

Area 45 Mini-Conference
Members can complete this survey to lend their thoughts. Possible Mini-Conference Topics Survey:

Results of the recent Membership Survey
in 2022, more than 6,000 A.A. members from the U.S. and Canada participated in a random survey conducted periodically since 1968 by the General Service Office to keep members informed on current trends in membership characteristics. View the survey results: 2022 Membership Survey:

Grapevine/LaVina Working Group: attend the monthly meeting. Click to view the flyer

GSO Quarterly Report:

Click to Read

January - 2024

2022 Membership Survey Results

Since 1968, Alcoholics Anonymous has periodically sent out Membership Surveys.
The most recent survey was in 2022.

This survey results help answer some questions such as:

Who are our members today?
How did they find Alcoholics Anonymous?
Do members prefer online or in-person meetings? (This was the first survey conducted via pen and paper and online.)

It's important to note that this survey is not a consensus but a way to ensure we know what is working so we can continue to carry the message.

You can find the entire survey history and results here:

Founder’s Writings

During the 73rd General Service Conference, the Finance Committee requested feedback on the fellowship's thoughts on our Founder’s Writings to be returned to the 74th Conference.

I will email a survey to all registered DCMs and GSRs to gather your feedback. Please discuss these questions with your groups and send your answers before April 14 so I can share your thoughts at a conference-sharing session.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. Please let me know if you would like me to speak to your district about the history of this agenda item or do a sharing session for your district before the Conference.

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