Intergroups within Area 45

Though not part of the A.A. Triangle, Intergroups function within the geography of Area 45, to provide “Central Office/Local Services, including:

  • 12 Step Hotline 
  • Manage local A.A. meeting information
  • Access to A.A. Literature
  • Host local events, workshops and fellowship activities.

There are three Intergroups that serve within southern NJ/Area 45.

Please visit their websites for more information.

South Jersey Intergroup

Website:  Email: [email protected]

Office - 856-486-4446
Hotline - 856-486-4444

Cape Atlantic Intergroup

Hotline:  609-641-8855    

Central Jersey Intergroup

Website:  Email: [email protected]

 Office - 609-586-6902
Hotline - 609-586-6900

NJ Spanish Intergroup

Phone:  973-824-0555 - 24 horas/hours


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